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Noah’s Pudding (Aşure)

This is a recipe that originates in the home town of my parents Dersim (Tunceli), as The Turkish Cookbook points out. It’s prepared during the end of the 12-day-fasting of the Alevis, a natural religion that is comparable to Shamanism but was later influenced by Islam. Alevi women share their Aşure – which typically consists …

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Papaya Dream

I love that I am increasing the variety of my fruit dishes. This is a really nice one. When creating this dish, I had this dreamy picture of beautifully cut papaya pieces disappearing into papaya purée. Plus, I love the full flavour of roasted nuts, almonds or seeds. And some well-handled bitterness of a dark …

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Smoothie for Thought

For this smoothie, I am using dried black grapes, preferably with seeds. (raisins are fine, too though). With a good blender, they will be crushed into tiny pieces so that their antioxidant OPC is easy to absorb. Did you know that basil seeds are pretty similar to chia seeds? Like chia, they contain loads of …

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