Summer Fruits with Chilled Lavender Blend

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Just the perfect meal in summer! The concept of eating fruit with a chilled liquid is known from eating granola with fruit and plant-based milk. Well, you can just ditch the granola swap the milk with some herbal blend. The chilled herbal blend increases the refreshing effect of the fruits beautifully. So fetch some seasonal fruits! It’s time for a fruit bowl!

Serves 1. Prep time: 10 min


1-4 varieties of seasonal fruit, cut into pieces
2-3 leaves or flowers of lavender
sweet dried fruit
1 glass of chilled water (or water with ice)
spice of choice


Place the fruits into a bowl. Blend the lavender with a sweet dried fruit (apricot for example) in a glass of chilled water and add it into the bowl. Top with salt, lemon and a few pinches of a spice of your choice. Enjoy!

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