My Mission

I help busy people practice a healthy and sustainable food culture with whole plant-based foods. I zoom in on the micro-habits, the psychology and cultural depth of our daily food. What makes you truly feel happy about what you eat?
My recipes center around convenience, high quality and health.

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My Background

Plant based Fermentation Workshop
Plant-based Fermentation Workshop in Berlin

After finishing my studies in mathematics, I bumped into my unexpected passion and purpose while volunteering in communities. Since then, I have constantly been exploring the food that is most in line with our and the planet’s nature.

My last stop was at the fermentation lab at 3 Michelin star restaurant, and for the fifth year World’s Best Restaurant: Noma. It is the most influential restaurant of our time and inspired me further in honoring nature with my work.

Onur Malay Noma

Further, I spent a great deal of time and effort on understanding nutrition. I am certified in Plant-Based Nutrition by the Center for Nutrition Studies in collaboration with Cornell University, led by the author of “The China Study” Prof. T. Colin Campbell.

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