How to use Fermented Foods

Tomato Carpaccio strawberry fermented

Tomato Carpaccio with Fermented Strawberry

This is the second time I’m bringing fermented strawberries and tomatoes together (here the first). They are good mates already. This tomato carpaccio was inspired by a recipe from an Ottolenghi cookbook. When cooked, the fermented strawberries become more gentle which gives strawberries a whole other direction.

Turkish Pizza Vegan Lahmacun

Vegan Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza)

I’ve tested this vegan lahmacun (Turkish pizza) a few times because I really wanted to make sure I get this right. Lahmacun is one of the most iconic and loved foods in Turkey uniting the diverse identities of the nation in one dish. Perhaps, this is the dish that has also brought the happiest and …

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Vegan Sourdough Pancake

Savoury Vegan Sourdough Pancakes

Sourdough is the way to go! It is tastier, more nutritious and easier to digest than products leavened with conventional bread yeast. If you want to start baking with sourdough, you need a starter. However, anyone can make a starter in just a couple of days. A starter is where you nurture and accommodate your …

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